Windows Developer

Who we are

At FxSound, we make really easy-to-use software to boost the sound quality, volume, clarity, and bass on your PC. 

We’ve been working to make access to high quality easy for over 20 years. We’re a small team, but looking to grow. Quickly! 

We work hard, but we do it because we like what we’re doing. We encourage experimentation, and we welcome mistakes so long as they fuel learning and growth. We give you the freedom to do what you do best, and in giving you freedom, we expect you to take initiative and find creative solutions wherever possible. 

What we need

We have given millions easy access to amazing sound quality, and the number is growing. We're a small team, and we can't push out great feature requests as fast as they're coming in.

We need an exceptional developer and audio junkie to help us level up our product and provide easy access to high quality sound for all.

 What you will accomplish

  • Build upon FxSound, and bring access to FxSound quality to millions of more people
  • Help FxSound build the resources to extend FxSound to mobile and beyond

What you will bring us

  • C/C++ and Windows programming mastery
  • Experience with native Win32 APIs
  • Desktop application portfolio
  • Windows driver expertise (BONUS)
  • DSP expertise (BONUS)
  • UX expertise (BONUS)
  • Game design background (BONUS)
  • Entrepreneurial and interested in growing beyond a strictly development role (BONUS)

What we will bring you

  • Flexible location and schedule
  • An investment in your personal and professional development
  • Opportunity to create real value for millions of people
  • Opportunity to grow into a larger role within the company

Our virtues

  • Mission Focused: Provide easy and affordable access to great audio.
  • Growth Mindset: Thrive on challenges and see "failures" not as evidence of our incompetency, but as a springboard for collective and personal growth.
  • The Golden Rule: Do onto others as you'd have others do onto you.
  • The 80/20 Rule: Quadruple down on the 20% of inputs that net 80% of our outcomes.
  • Long-term Focused: Do the work that will payoff not for months or even years, but for decades to come.

Join our team.

Apply to become a part of the growing FxSound team. We're a fully remote team, so no need to relocate. Just tell us what job your applying for and why.

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