Illegal License Key Troubleshooting (FxSound Premium/DFX)

Illegal License Key Troubleshooting (FxSound Premium/DFX)

If you're attempting to register DFX or FxSound Premium and you are notified that your serial number is illegal or incorrect, there's a few things to try.

If you need to recover your license key, contact us here.

If you're trying to login to FxSound Pro, make sure you're using the same email you used to purchase in all lowercase. (FxSound Premium licenses will not unlock FxSound Pro).

1) Make sure you have downloaded the correct version of DFX or FxSound Premium

License keys will only unlock the software for the version which you have purchased. To make sure you've downloaded the correct version. You can download old versions here.

License keys starting with V will unlock FxSound Premium.

License keys starting with U will unlock DFX 12 (Gold).

License keys starting with T will unlock DFX 11.

License keys starting with Q will unlock DFX 10.

2) If you have the correct version of DFX or FxSound downloaded and installed, make sure that you are copy and pasting the license key directly from the order email that contained your license key. Often times the O and 0 can get mixed up!

3) If you're still having issues, please submit a request and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

4) If you actually are attempting to pirate FxSound, why don't you just try the free trial instead and see if the product fits your life first? No hard feelings ;D

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